Web Meeting System Requirements

For optimal performance, we recommend the following system configurations:

Operating Systems Supported Browsers Software Mobile

Microsoft Windows
XP (services pack 3), Vista, 7 & 8 (32 and 64 bit)

Internet Explorer
v. 7.0+
Mozilla Firefox
v. 9.0+
Google Chrome

Adobe Flash
v. 10.3+
v. 1.6+

Apple iPad iOS 4.3+
Web Meeting for iPad app

Recordings can be played from Apple and Android devices.

2.6+ kernel (32 and 64 bit); x86 CPU required

v. 9.0+
Google Chrome

Apple Macintosh
OSX 10.6+ (Intel-based processors)

v. 9.0+
v. 5.0+
Google Chrome

Additional system requirements:

  • Accounts are limited to 200 slides to ensure that your account is easy to manage and that your slides load more quickly.
  • Video conferencing requires a web camera; an external web cam is recommended for the best experience.
  • Flash 10.1 is required to view recordings.

More about Web Meeting system requirements:

It is quick and easy for presenters and participants to get into web conferences. Chairpersons and co-presenters must do a small (6 MB), one-time application download prior to hosting a conference.

Most participants will be able to quickly attend conferences using a Flash-based participant application, which requires no download. For the best conferencing experience, we recommend participants use Flash 11 or higher. Participants who do not have a compatible version of Flash and cannot install it can join the conference using an alternative java-based participant application.